On the 16th of November, SOLVIT publicly presented the Custodian project. This is the result of an international consortium led by SOLVIT, in partnership with the AIR Centre, TERINOV, Lotaçor, Docapesca, ISEL, UAVISION and the National Technical University of Norway (NTNU), financed by the Blue Growth Program of the EEA Grants . General Director of Sea Policy, Eng.ª Marisa Lameiras da Silva, and Regional Secretary for Sea and Fisheries, Manuel São João.


Presentation of the Custodian project

Nuno Cota, CEO of SOLVIT and professor at ISEL (DEETC/ISEL), underlined that “The current systems that exist only require that vessels over 15 meters have automatic identification systems. This system will also allow the identification and location of smaller caliber vessels.”

ISEL’s collaboration in this project is part of the new research and innovation group Future Internet Technologies (FIT/ISEL). Consolidated by students and faculty members from ISEL’s Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Computers, this new group is dedicated to research in areas such as Resilient networks, Smart-Cities, Digital Health, Big Data, IoT, ITS and 6G, among others. others.”

The event was attended by the General Director of Sea Policy, Eng.ª Marisa Lameiras da Silva, and the Regional Secretary for the Sea and Fisheries, Manuel São João, the FIT research group was represented by professors Nuno Cruz ( FIT/ISEL and DEETC/ISEL) and João Casaleiro (FIT/ISEL and DEETC/ISEL).

SOLVIT is one of the incubated companies at ISEL.

Professor Nuno Cruz (FIT/ISEL e DEETC/ISEL)

Imagens: Terinov