Gonçalo Esteves

“Hello, I’m Gonçalo and I’m currently completing my Master’s degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering at ISEL. Additionally, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering, with a specialization in the field of Software Engineering, which I earned from IPS. My academic interests primarily include networks, edge computing, hardware and Internet of Things (IOT). As part of my Master’s thesis, my research and thesis has focused on Edge IoT. I was deeply engaged in the Ferrovia 4.0 project, conducted with FIT. I find that my research and involvement in various projects have consistently helped me develop my skill set and expand my areas of interest.”

Renato Marcelo

Hi! I’m Renato! I’m a Computer and Informatics Engineering student. Currently finishing my Master’s Degree, my field interests include information extraction, machine learning, focusing on recommender systems, and a lifelong passion for technology. For my master’s thesis, I’ve developed a data pipeline to create a medicine recommender system dataset.


Pedro Santos

“What I enjoy the most is investigating the characteristics and intricacies present in data, wherever it is from. Just like a good detective, I’ll find what crimes it is hiding 👀🕵🏻‍♂️ solve them, and build appropriate machine learning models. I seek excellency in everything I compromise myself with.

Recently, I have finished my master’s degree in the Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing niches, while working as a data scientist at project Rev@Construction on behalf of ISEL. I have also started my PhD at NOVA FCT, where I will have the opportunity to grow, learn and give my contribution(s) to the scientific community.”


Nuno Gomes

Nuno Gomes is a Researcher specialising in Health Informatics and is pursuing a PhD in CS at FCT NOVA. He has made notable contributions to this field, such as proving the viability of using wearables to detect anxiety trait levels and panic attacks.

Miguel Guerreiro

“I’m Miguel, currently completing my master’s degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering while working as a researcher on the CUSTODIAN project. I find it fulfilling to work as a researcher alongside the investigation team, as it has helped me develop valuable skills for my future career.”