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We provide consultancy services for using cutting edge technologies, opening the market to innovation and defining tender specifications in order to bring your business to the future.


Proof of Concept, Solution Evaluation and Full Stack Design.


System Integration, Open Data and Open Inovation Ecosystems.


Mobility Infra-Structure Integration Design and KPI determination.

Big Data

Data Analytics, Mining and Visualisation.

Resilient Infra-structure

Secure Architectures and Network Design Optimisation.

5G & G5

Network Planning and Quality of Experience Assessment.


Recent News

Research Scholarship for 5G-MOBIX

Work opportunity.

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ISEL/FIT installs another Gateway to TTN in Torres das Amoreiras

ISEL/FIT, supported by Lisbon Municipality and the Sapadores Regiment of Lisbon, installed another gateway of the open Internet of Things (IoT) The Things Network (TTN) in Tower 3 of Amoreiras, one of the highest points in Lisbon. This gateway is Read more…

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ISEL/FIT is evaluating LoRa based Waste Management Sensors

Since last November, two more containers urban waste of the Lisbon City Council have been installed in ISEL. These will be used as part of an ongoing R&D project with the aim of validating the IoT connectivity of sensors installed Read more…

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Our Team

We are a team of passionate professionals, researchers and teachers at ISEL, all with different backgrounds, that as a whole built FIT in order to disseminate their work.

António Serrador

Intelligent Transportation Systems

José Simão

Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing

Matilde Pato

Data Science

Nuno Cota

Emergency and
Critical Infrastructure

Nuno Cruz

Resilient, Secure and Ubiquitous Networking

Nuno Datia

Visualisation, Big Data Mining and Analytics

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