On 5th December, the first training, at national level, in Fundamentals of Computer Networks began, given within the scope of the C-Academy – Advanced Training in Cybersecurity, under the responsibility of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa and the Polytechnic of Lisbon. The training is part of the memorandum of understanding signed with the National Cybersecurity Center in June this year.

The first session, which took place at ISEL’s Future Internet Lab, responsible for the development and academic recognition of the training unit in Fundamentals of Computer Networks, was attended by the president of the institution, José Nascimento, to welcome the trainees.

ISEL teachers, José Simão (DEETC/ISEL/FIT) and Nuno Cruz (DEETC/ISEL/FIT), and the head of security and data protection at the Polytechnic of Lisbon, Nuno Pires, are responsible for developing this training.