The Portuguese Railway Platform hosts the Railway Summit on an annual basis, a platform aimed at discussing innovative ideas and exchanging experiences within the Railway Sector. The 2023 edition was held at the National Railway Museum in Entroncamento city on May 3rd and 4th, with participation from ISEL.

FIT’s Researcher Nuno Cruz was present at the enterprise pitch and B2B session, showcasing some findings from the Railway 4.0 project that he leads at ISEL.

Nuno Cruz noted that ISEL offers students the chance to participate in industry-partnered projects. Post participation, many of these students are typically employed by partnering firms, highlighting both the potential and the necessity for skill development centers in Portugal, particularly in the field of railway communications.

In line with this, Cruz acknowledged that SOLVIT, an ISEL partner in several projects, is one of the tangible results of research work conducted in ISEL’s advanced programs, particularly related to railway communications.

Two equipment pieces were showcased, products of the research: a slope monitoring sensor that can detect alterations in slope and landslides immediately, using Internet of Things (IoT) related sensors. The Railway 4.0 Gateway was the other device presented. This equipment allows resilient and secure communication through multiple interfaces by continuously and predictively analyzing the service provided by mobile carriers. It also offers Edge Computing services and security intrusion detection in sensors either deployed onboard or at the infrastructure.

ISEL has been involved with the Portuguese Railway Platform from its inception, which is evident in the Rail Capacity project and subsequently the Railway 4.0 project.

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