A member of the ISEL/FIT is manager of the Coordination Committee of the Lisboa Urban Data Laboratory. FIT invited some mathematics teachers of the ISEL to participate in this work.

Lisbon Intelligent Management Platform (PGIL) integrates a wide range of municipal data, which from external entities, sensors and social networks and allows sharing of data and advanced analytics tools. FIT is responsible for (1) supporting the municipality in identifying the issues it would like to be solved by analytical and data visualization, (2) supporting the achievement of the laboratory’s activity plan, (3) promoting the involvement of its students, researchers and innovative ecosystem in the development of analytical solutions and visualization of data relevant to the municipality, (4) support in the awarding of awards for the challenges launched by the laboratory, (5) provide data to support the challenges launched in the framework of the Urban Data Laboratory safeguarding the appropriate authorizations for use and re-use.